About Stuurman

Stuurman is a very close-knit team. People who continue where others drop out as a result of many years of experience. Simply because the network we’ve managed to build up in the countries we're active in is unprecedentedly large and efficient. And our customers certainly benefit from that. Every single day of the week.

That's Stuurman

More than 500 transports, a team of 17 players, top athletes. Always raising the bar, wanting to improve every single day. People who pick up the slack where others have failed. Maintaining an overview when opponents start to buckle under the pressure. That's Stuurman.


Anytime and anywhere

You'll recognise our team of professionals by their knowledge and experience, agility and spirit. By the blind faith we have in our ties with France and its neighbouring countries. The language we've all mastered. And absolutely adore. The network of brokers, players and water carriers, which ensures you're definitely better off with us. Anytime and anywhere. From the very first minute to the home straight.